The Path – Reclaim 13

The Path – Reclaim 13

Sex trafficking is happening all over the world, but more and more people are realizing it’s happening right in our backyards. Reclaim 13 is an organization led by Cassandra Ma. The name was chosen for reclaiming and empowering people – generally who are victimized around the age of 13.

We wanted to create a high-impact piece that could be both a 30 minute as well as something shorter for social. If you’d like to see the whole documentary, please send us a message!

We wrote the script with Cassandra as well as another Reclaim employee and they were a dream to work with. We of course are not experts in any of the fields we make material for, and so therefore it was a lot of us asking questions, and intentionally having them poke holes in our narrative. After the script was locked, we actually storyboarded this video and shot it over the course of two days (well, the narrative portion) the interviews were filmed on different days.

This video is used in classroom settings, teaching kids about what to watch out for. We’re very honored to be a part of it.


We had a small crew of seven and used a wide variety of gear. But one of our favorites for this – the opening shot, Seth caught the drone and held it by gloved hand (while wearing a helmet!) and followed the actress inside!

Seth catching the drone

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