Seminary Now

Seminary Now

To date, we’ve produced nearly 50 courses with Seminary Now, and have learned so so so much along the way. These are Master-Class style teaching videos that have been filmed all over the country (and soon to be filmed internationally!). We produced this trailer to highlight the brand.

We called this the “Master Trailer” because each course gets its own trailer and to be honest, picking a single course for the site is impossible. The teaching is so rich and the topics are so deep and interesting, heart-breaking, and beautiful. Literally every time we’re filming I’m humbled and “rocked.” I couldn’t ask for a better gig.

A Challenging Production

With such a huge amount of media and video, how do you make a class, let alone 50 classes, and keep it all straight? Well, we created a brand guideline, which is a PDF that acts as a bible for colors, fonts, quotes, etc. Each course is filmed in 1-2 days with a skeleton crew to keep on budget. The crew is generally 2 production people, a makeup artist, and Jason Gile, our producer. We use a motorized slider for the b-cam and typically light for beauty for each class (keeping the main light (the “key light) close to the camera). We’ve experimented some with our lighting sometimes not using a backlight, and find ourselves gravitating toward that look. After 50 courses, you look for ways to keep things fresh!

Speaking of keeping things fresh, we do all we can to honor the amazing teaching and package it in a digestible format. Each Class has about 10 sessions that are each about 12 min long. And within those classes, we’ll give the viewer breaks, what we call ‘section breaks” similar to how you’d have different topic headings in a non-fiction novel within any given chapter. We like to think of these as ‘brain-blinks’ a chance for your viewership to pause and digest what they just heard.

We’re producing more and more of these each month, so be sure to go to to check it out. The first session for each course is FREE so you can try it out and see what resonates.

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