Elgin Police

Story of a Call

When we were asked to film this story, I knew this video would be special. All video is storytelling, and this is just that. This story has heart, and you can’t help but love this girl who went through so much so early in life.


We drove around with Officer Kevin Snow of the Elgin Police Department to various locations, and the fruit of that labor ended up acting as our storyboard. Along the way, we acquired permission to film in each location. Plus, it helped clarify some of the nuance.

The Talent

When it came time to selecting an actor, we used Paige Talent Agency. The “sister” in this film is actually the actress’s mom! We were working with a limited budget and time, so this was filmed with one camera operator, and minimal lighting.

The Story

Officers Kevin Snow and Hector Gutierrez were willing to tell their story and play themselves in the reenactment, which made it a very simple and straightforward narrative. If there was a question on a specific detail, they were right there to answer.

The Production

Shot with a handheld rig built around the Blackmagic pocket 4ks and mekie cine lenses. Post production was done in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

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