Coaching Right Now

Coaching Right Now

We LOVE the office. And after brainstorming with Producer Josh Rech we came up with something that would subvert the expectation that the boss always has to be a bumbling idiot.

After the script was (excitedly!) approved we secured a location in downtown (via the amazing folks from A5!) and did our best with the one-day shoot to replicate the look/feel of The Office. Which meant actually lighting a bit more flat, and well…office-y. Honestly, I tried to split the difference most of the time.

This video works because of the talent. The ‘boss’ and ‘Jim’ characters were both actors and were great to work with. The two women actually worked for Coaching Right Now, but the entire time we THOUGHT they were actresses.

Now, CRN has a video that makes people laugh, tells people what they do, and really underscores their professional brand.

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